Why you should be incorporating interval workouts into your training.


First thing first: Intervals are for everyone. You do not need to be a professional athlete or run a sub-40 minute 10K to incorporate a 20 minute HIIT session into your weekly workout plan. Not only has HIIT/sprint training been scientifically proven to enhance performance, it will boost fat loss as well as save you a load of time. Here, I will go into the details of what interval training is, its amazing benefits, and how to plan your next session. Continue reading

Top 10 Tips: How to Stay Healthy on Holiday


Don’t get me wrong, holidays are meant for eating, drinking and general indulgence. I’m not about to tell you to track your calories or steer completely clear of alcohol; but instead give you my top tips to ensure you feel your absolute best throughout your holiday; not just for the first 3 hours. Otherwise, what was the point of eating salad for lunch every day for the past 6 weeks and all those sweaty hours spent in the gym?! Continue reading

Why I’ve decided to track my macros.


Nope, I’m not entering into a bikini comp and nope, I’m not “shredding” or looking to gain muscle. The reason I’ve decided to experiment with calorie intake and macro composition is to learn more about my body, what I fuel it with and what a “balanced diet” really is. I have never been someone who counts calories or tries to pack as much protein as physically possible into every meal but at the same time, I am very aware of what I put into my body but generally I eat what I want, how much I want and when I want.  Continue reading