Time for some honesty…

I originally started mybuisnessbody roughly 8 months ago with the aim of helping graduates and city workers live a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle whilst working demanding hours. I always thought that for someone who loves exercise as much as me, it would be easy. So I have nearly always loved exercise to the extent that I need to do it 5-6 times a week. Exercise is my personal way to clear my head and have “me time”. Some people like to get into bed and read a book, some like to roll out the yoga mat. I like to get on a treadmill.

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Super Dinner Party Food for The Not-So Superfood-Loving Guest


There is nothing I love more than taking time out at the weekend to try experimenting with the latest superfoods and ingredients: Multiple attempts at “healthy” brownies (which never end up being that healthy), spending hours blending almonds in the hope that it will, eventually turn into something that resembles a nut butter… ya know the drill.

 However, I certainly do not believer in forcing my love and passion for cacao, coconut oil and agave nectar on the general public/my friends. Cooking really delicious, impressive, satisfying food for friends and family can seem like a real challenge if you want to still keep it nutritious and healthy, but I’m here to tell you it really isn’t. A couple of weeks ago I decided to come up with a menu that incorporated some of my favourite ingredients, but still tasted normal.

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A couple of weeks ago, I began thinking of new ways to incorporate exercise into my daily routine other than heading to the gym every evening. And no, I’m not talking about performing the bum-clenching manoeuvre religiously throughout the day, nor am I going to tell you to do 10 squats each time you pop to the loo. It’s much more simple than that – run. To some of you, running to work may seem like the most hideously awful way to start they day. Why would anyone want to enter the office sweaty, out of breath and with a skin tone resembling that of a tomato?! I’ll tell you why.

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A step in the right direction: The JawBone Up24


Being sat at a desk for 12+ hours a day, 5 days a week has made me increasingly conscious of the amount of time I spend sat on my tush, so I recently decided to invest in a fitness tracker. Fitness trackers have become huge in the last couple of years. Jawbone, Nike, Fitbit and Garmin are just a few of the brands out there who are trying to create the most technically advanced, discrete devices for measuring calories, sleep and so much more.

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 IMG_1830 FACT: Climbing stairs for 5 minutes a day instead of taking the lift burns roughly 240 calories in a week… that’s the same as a 40g bar of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk bar. 

Now I’ve got your attention! My name is Rachel Knight and I am a 23 year-old graduate living in London. You may be thinking “not another fitness blog…” but please, hear me out. At university I was your typical 20-something gym bunny, heading to the gym morning, noon and night. Workouts were timed perfectly to avoid the dreaded treadmill queues and gym-dates would be planned around rugby team training times. Weekends would be spent experimenting with the latest super-foods and it really didn’t matter if my protein brownies turned out to be a pile of mush… ahh, when life was simple.

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