<3Hi. My name is Rachel and I am a 24-year-old graduate working in London. I have started this blog to hopefully help and inspire readers on how to live a full, healthy life whilst working in the city. I have also recently qualified as a Personal Trainer as well as participating in a nutritional coaching course in the coming weeks.

The transition from university life to the “real world” came as a shock to my health-conscious, exercise-loving self in September 2014. Finding time to go to the gym was almost impossible and food choices became based upon convenience rather than nutrition.

Soon after starting my job, I realised I had to find away to incorporate exercise and healthy eating into my new lifestyle. It has been the start of journey that has required dedication, time and perseverance, but I now feel more confident and happier than ever.

This blog will not be filled with time consuming recipes or workouts that require £££s worth of equipment… I want to keep it as realistic as possible; Think home workouts, speedy, simple dinners, and a whole-lotta food prep tips.

The aim of this blog is to document my journey and learning process, and I hope that I can help you find a way of living the fast-paced, demanding city life, the healthy way.

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