Why I’ve decided to track my macros.


Nope, I’m not entering into a bikini comp and nope, I’m not “shredding” or looking to gain muscle. The reason I’ve decided to experiment with calorie intake and macro composition is to learn more about my body, what I fuel it with and what a “balanced diet” really is. I have never been someone who counts calories or tries to pack as much protein as physically possible into every meal but at the same time, I am very aware of what I put into my body but generally I eat what I want, how much I want and when I want. 

I don’t want to make out that I am a “clean eater” 100% of the time, because I’m not. A large chunk of my diet is made up of peanut butter, Lindt sea salt dark choc and that box of granola in the cupboard. Also, I find it exceptionally difficult to say no to a glass of wine. However, I would say I am a “healthy” eater. By this, I mean that the food I tend to eat most frequently is supposedly good for my health. I say supposedly because, honestly, no one really knows enough about nutrition to know whether Maqui berries or Chaga mushrooms really will make you live an extra 500 years.

What I do know is, is that fresh veg and wholesome foods are packed full of good nutrients that our bodies need to function at an optimum level. However, for some strange reason, carbs have developed this reputation of being pure evil. “Carbs will make you fat… Fat will make you fat.” Okay… so what does that leave me with? Protein. Well I can’t live off chicken breasts and Quest Bars for the rest of my life (second one, debatable), so what can I eat?! Having this drilled into my head through social media has led me to almost fear carbs. If something has pasta in it’s unhealthy. If I eat rice, it must be brown rice. No. No. No. It’s time to make some changes.

I’ve come to the realisation that my diet may be great for my “health”, but I may not be making the best choices when it comes down to energy, performance and that thing that everyone is talking about. BALANCE. I want to teach my body that eating carbs with every meal is, in fact normal. I want to ensure I am fuelling my body with the correct foods for optimum training and strength. And finally, I just want to experiment.

Have no fear, I do not plan to eat pizza 3 times a week, nor will you suddenly see my posting 2,000 kcal bowls of Muscle Mousse topped with literally ever single confectionary item you could ever possibly imagine just to “hit” my macros. It’s just not me. I am (and always will be) an extremely health conscious person, so the kale, quinoa and avocado AIN’T GOIN’ ANYWHERE.

So rant over, it’s now time to make some changes. By tracking for one “normal” day, I can already see that I need to at least double my carbohydrate intake… BRING ON THE RICE. Expect lots of updates on here and over on my Instagram (@mybusinessbody) and you can all follow me on my Macro Marathon!

One final thing. I am now a fully qualified (!!) personal trainer and nutritional coach. For any queries please email me on mybusinessbody@gmail.com, I would love to hear from you!

Rach x

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