IMG_1830 FACT: Climbing stairs for 5 minutes a day instead of taking the lift burns roughly 240 calories in a week… that’s the same as a 40g bar of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk bar. 

Now I’ve got your attention! My name is Rachel Knight and I am a 23 year-old graduate living in London. You may be thinking “not another fitness blog…” but please, hear me out. At university I was your typical 20-something gym bunny, heading to the gym morning, noon and night. Workouts were timed perfectly to avoid the dreaded treadmill queues and gym-dates would be planned around rugby team training times. Weekends would be spent experimenting with the latest super-foods and it really didn’t matter if my protein brownies turned out to be a pile of mush… ahh, when life was simple.

However, in September 2014 that all changed. Finding time to exercise seemed impossible and I began to choose convenient, unhealthy foods rather than filling, nutritious meals. My calendar would fill with work events and I would spend every Friday and Saturday night partying. Before long, this “new” lifestyle began to take its toll and I started to notice changes not only in my physical appearance, but also my energy levels and mood.

I realised I had to make changes if I wanted to continue feeling as happy and as confident as I was previously. So this is where the story of mybusinessbody begins! I am not a professional. I intend to keep this blog as realistic, practical and convenient as possible; I still go out partying at the weekend and I still have regular nights in with my two best pals Ben & Jerry.

This blog will not have complicated recipes involving thousands of ingredients, nor will there be lengthy workouts involving mountains of equipment. Mybusinessbody is aimed at city working gals and guys like me, who only have a few spare hours in the day, but truly want to learn to live the city life, the healthy way.


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